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10 Best Gaming Mouse Of 2020

While playing aggressive games on your computer, the gambling setup significantly affects your experience and pleasure. This is truly true in regards to the gaming mouse.

Perfect dimensions, perfect layout, super DPI and sensitivity are the specifications which specify a perfect gaming mouse.

The players take your PC gaming to next level and create your gambling very memorable and comfortable by all means. However, there are plenty of considerations that you will need to take when purchasing a gaming mouse or keyboard.

Below is this post you will encounter using the pointers to consider and review of few top rated gambling mice.

The Different Types of Gaming Mouse:

FPS Mouse — This is the sort of gaming mouse that lets you enjoy action and adventure games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Battlefield Quake. The mouse has a sniper button that permits you to target enemies in the game with the maximum precision. It may be used for shooting games also. Therefore, you can choose which button will do what in the match. This is the feature you will see only with the mouse.
MMO Mouse — This is a gaming mouse acceptable for MMO games. It can handle the intricate moves without difficulty and also include the feature which lets you switch between weapons while shooting or fighting on the battlefield with precision.

Benefits of Best Gaming Mouse

  • Because of this gripping technology, it makes shooting and holding easier while playing games online on your computer.
  • The Gaming Mouse is extremely responsive which important variables while playing games are.
  • It also includes lower latency rates compared to the standard ones and it accompanies much greater software that enables it to encourage the highest DPI settings.
  • Being the gaming mouse, it should experience some wear and tear when you lose and thus the gaming mouse was created with ultra-durable materials to defy it.
  • The Best Gaming Mouse is extremely customizable so you can do more with the mouse and change the button works for the smooth gaming experience.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors to Consider!

  • Search for Precision — The Gaming Mouse has to be true in planning and comes with the maximum precision that is important aspects to play games such as Counter-Strike. Laser Mouse is believed to have the maximum precision than optical ones.
  • Optical/Laser/Infrared Gaming Mouse — Laser mouse is supreme when it comes to precision, but the infrared mouse also includes a better sensor. But when it comes to consistency in operation, Infrared always do better.
  • What CPI or DPI is Better — everything depends on the sort of the game that you’re playing. The games with superior graphics and maximum resolution will require the highest DPI.

List of Best Gaming Mouse of 2019:

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the highly reviewed gaming mouse that comes with many high quality capabilities. The gaming mouse includes thumb rest and additional buttons, soft-touch on the trunk and super pleasing textured rubber on sides. Additionally, it has the enhanced version of spinning wheel in comparison to the previous version and on buttons, you’ll notice slippery feet rated for enormous 250KM of traveling distance. The base of this Gaming Mouse comprises of rubberized base that’s marked for its quality and durability.

This gaming mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons and it reduces your reliance on the keyboard when playing games. It permits you to tune up the weight and balance and ensures that consumers experience optimum balance and feel comfortable when using it. It’s further enhanced with the integration of textured grips and button design that’s really convenient.


  • It’s highly responsive because of its greatest DPI
  • It’s the smooth and hands-free optical mouse
  • Its look of the mouse is attractive and makes it the most aesthetic improvement in the gambling world


  • The ergonomics of the mouse is not up to the mark
  • It ill-fit into your palm

2 Razer DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chrome is your gaming mouse that’s specifically designed for players that are searching for higher sensitivity.

This is accomplished with the integration of 10,000 DPI detector and 200 per second rate. Additionally, the polling rate of the gaming mouse can also be higher that is1000Hertz and if you’re searching for 1millisecond of lag, then this is the best selection for you.

The mouse comes with bigger side buttons that are easy to press and browse the game. The building of the gaming mouse is best which permits you to play both slow and fast-paced games without difficulty.

This is possible due to its success rate of responding with precision and fluidity regardless of the display resolution.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma empowers the players to achieve this together with the integration of customizable colour choices. So, players can choose between green, electric blue or pale pink color.


  • Layout and Size is best and the palm grip makes it the excellent choice for bigger hands
  • The grip is comfortable
  • It includes customizable colour features


  • Design can be improved
  • Scroll wheel gets easily damaged while gaming

3 Asus ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Spatha is intended to serve the most avid PC gamers. This Gaming Mouse employs the best ADNS 9800 laser detector that has the maximum DPI of 8200.

This means it’s faster, responsive and extremely accurate mouse for gaming. This Gaming Mouse is famous for its wireless flexibility without compromising on the battery lifetime and latency prices.

This Gaming Mouse is designed to encourage 1000Hertz polling speed when using wirelessly and 2000Hertz when combined with cable, however you will not experience any difference in both.

It’s the palm grip gaming mouse that fits well due to its shape and size.

The Gaming Mouse includes 12 programmable buttons which are incorporated into the design of this solution and it lets you enjoy enhanced control of the match. It includes built-in memory that enables the mouse to adapt to the styles of consumers and provide them better performance while gambling.


  • The layout is pleasing and comfortable
  • Settings and software is easy to use and application
  • It’s compatible with Asus Aura Light Control


  • The software occasionally lag Between
  • It’s quite squeaky

4 Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

If you love playing PC games for extended hours, then Logitech G Pro is your best option for you for many good reasons. This Gaming Mouse is made with PMW 3366 sensor that’s the innovative sensor by Logitech till today. It includes highest optical DPI of 12000 which is like G502, but it succeeds in all means. The mouse has committed floating buttons which lets you enjoy tight and fast clicks that are quite consistent. The build quality of this mouse is also strong and does not offer with creaky plastic texture. Just due to its RGB biking you can play with its own software.

Due to its customizable features, you can change the colours as per you are your style and system. The sturdiness of this gaming mouse is another vital specification. The buttons of the mouse have been analyzed and ensure to provide you with a lifespan of 20 million clicks.


  • It Is Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Its design is ergonomic and the buttons are programmable
  • It’s the highest DPI and clicks are also very responsive

5. Corsair M65 Pro Gaming Mouse

Gamers that are considering playing FPS games on their PC would love the Corsair M65 Pro Gaming Mouse. It’s the ergonomic gaming mouse that includes PMW 3360x sensor that’s the best-known sensor on the marketplace. It includes programmable buttons that are made with gradual slopes for ideal gripping. It’s the ultimate traction style for minor grooves in buttons for relaxation. This gaming mouse is mostly made for FPS gamers since it comes with some terrific features and precision. It’s the highly sensitive mouse that responds to the complex movements of enemies with precision. It comes with the maximum DPI of 12000 which ensures the best precision of the detector.

Corsair M65 Pro can also be customized for additional special games with its customizable features. The building of the mouse is done by remembering that the fluidity and maneuverability of this mouse in games.


  • It’s the Fashionable gaming mouse
  • It tracking speed is exemplary
  • Its place of sniper button contrasts with the positioning of thumb making it easy to use