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Best Wireless Chargers 2020 for Andorid & iPhone : Buyer’s Guide

Everyone thinks the same. But, wires are an essential part of our lives. We must control our phones with wired chargers. The development of the wireless chargers was like a dream come true.

Does not it feel amazing; finally you’re going to eliminate those annoying cables which are vulnerable since they finally break or stop working. But, you want to have a fantastic comprehension of those wireless chargers as not all them will work depending on your expectations.

You wouldn’t need a wireless charger which involves a good deal of intricacies, like finding the”sweet spot” or managing multiple phones at one time that need charging.

Again, there are a few wireless chargers that may take a lifetime to control the phone. To complicate matters further, you’ll discover an array of wireless chargers as well as the producers boasting their product as the best.

To make the task simpler for you, we reviewed a wide variety of wireless chargers and handpicked the best ones for you in this comprehensive guide.

How to Determine the Best Wireless Chargers:

Before I show the names of the greatest wireless chargers; you need to have your priorities clear on what you’re searching for from a wireless charger. Primarily, you can choose between the two kinds of wireless chargers that are pads and stands respectively.

The decision to go for a pad or a stand wireless charger completely rests on the person according to their comfort and customs. The element that’s pivotal here is, if the charger is capable of charging.

Breakthrough improvisations in this arena have made these chargers exceptionally quickly. The rate of the fee is related to watts, like 7.5 watts, 9 watts, 15 watts and so forth. Again, should you not know that, the software has a lot to do with the charging rate. You will observe the wattage rate appears on the box of the wireless chargers.

Choosing the Best Wireless Charger:

For sure, this can be an intimidating task since there is an abundance of chargers to pick from. To complicate matters further, you will run into identical looking chargers which may baffle you easily. You should first take into consideration the sort of phone you’re using.

Each telephone requires different amounts of electricity; you don’t want to end up in a circumstance, where you purchase a wireless charger and a power adapter that delivers more power than your phone’s needs. Presently, the iPhones need wireless charging around 7.5 watts and the Android phones based on the producer can receive up to 15 watts.

Did you ever read your phone’s manual, if it’s still resting within the box, then take it out and examine it as you can quickly determine your phone’s wireless charging wattage possible by simply referring to your phone’s manual?

1 crucial advice, recall some wireless chargers don’t accompany a fast-charging adapter, in that instance, you might require to receive one separately. All set, you need to evaluate your priorities as follows:

  • A 5W charger will suffice if you’re a diehard fan of super-fast charging rates. The 5W chargers are the most economical wireless chargers and will work with most phone models. You also don’t need to invest in another power adapter as the output power is simply 5W.
  • If so, then remember we already said, the iPhone can only use up to 7.5W of charging electricity, so getting a stronger charger would be a total waste. We’ll introduce a couple of these in the review section.
  • Since a number of the Android telephones are capable of up to 15W of charging, you must find a compatible power adapter to prolong the high wattage. You won’t find wireless chargers capable of over 10W power.
  • Are you the man who loves to incorporate a dash of style in all that you do? Some handsome wireless chargers twice as a telephone stand. You get the ease of orienting the phone horizontally or vertically even if it’s charging.

Are there any specific phone cases for using the wireless charger?

Till date, there isn’t any rule as such. But some phone manufacturers such as Apple make particular phone cases so it works with the wireless chargers. When deciding on the wireless chargers, you need to go through the guide.

Some wireless charger businesses do give you a clue on the kind of situation you should use and the ones that you should refrain from for permitting constant charging.

Now to introduce you to the best wireless chargers of 2019.

List of the Best Wireless Chargers:

Mophie wireless charging base


The Mophie wireless charger is a charging plate/pad exclusively made for the newer iPhone versions. Interestingly, the launching of the item was alongside the launch of iPhone8 and iPhone X.

You can expect fast charging rates if you’re using iOS 11.2 or over. The Mophie wireless charging base boasts of magnificent design and can be equally convenient to use. You will particularly love the grip that keeps the phone secured on the charging plate.


The Mophie wireless charger is extremely robust, it’s a puck shape and has a coating, these features will ensure the phone won’t ever slip or scratch. The wireless charger also includes a wall adapter. Thus you don’t have to arrange one. Again the product is quite light and takes up little space. Therefore, it’s extremely suitable for you to take it when you’re traveling. The charging rate is fast and works best with the metal and rubber telephone cases.


The purchase price of this wireless charger won’t make everyone happy. Considering, the product isn’t the fastest wireless charger; the cost might have been compromised somewhat. It may only charge one telephone at a time, and it does get a tad hot as you are charging a telephone.

Last, the Mophie base wireless charger is just one coil charger, if you don’t set the phone correctly, which is in the middle of the plate, the telephone won’t take charge.

Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger


Taking a look at the Spigen Vital Quick Wireless Charger for the first time, I wasn’t particularly elated. To my surprise, I discovered; it will perform rather well.

The wireless charger includes a little indicator light, and it works when you start charging your phone. The location where you place the phone is ideal, and it will charge the phone well.

The Spigen Vital Quick Wireless Charger includes a welcome change, as it doesn’t incorporate the bright flashing LEDs or the backlit lighting.

It shows the amount of wattage it’s supplying while charging the phone. From the entire charging process, I discovered it had been quite quiet and stays cool.


The product doesn’t get hot when charging and the ability to adjust the wattage based on the phone you’re charging. It has a rubberized feel that prevents the phones from tear and wear.


Honestly, I couldn’t find any acute cons with the Spigen Vital Quick Wireless Charger. If I have to, then I’ll say, the cost factor will bog down many users.

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad

Ikea RIGGAD work lamp

Distinctive and innovative, this is my opinion about the Ikea RIGGAD work lamp. The maker perfectly innovated the layout because most of us are habituated maintaining a lamp and the phone charger on the bedside.

The Ikea RIGGAD work lamp as its name implies incorporates the idea, and it has produced a fashionable wireless charger.

I have to say, this product delivers the greatest convenience, nothing could be better when you can plop your phone beside the bed, and charging occurs. The lamp is quite flexible, and it gives you the ability to ascertain the ideal spot for placing the telephone a futuristic experience, undoubtedly.


Performance wise it’s also decent. For additional convenience, it has a USB port, so you may attach other phones also.


Seriously, I was not able to discover any difficulties with this wireless charger, except that it’s a minimum case range. People with a knack with colors won’t like it, since the product has just 1 color option.

Samsung multi-wireless charging tray

Considering the amount of phones being used in a home, I thought about looking for a wireless charger which supports over two phones for charging.

To start with, this wireless charger from Samsung looks unusual but it’s trendy, for many, it could be a welcome change from the traditional appearing wireless chargers. Samsung has involved plenty of thoughts behind this item.

It comprises two LED lights as charger indicators, but they’re not too bright, which will not hamper your sleep. Get all your mobiles charged up as you sleep.


As previously mentioned, the appearance of this item is stunningly different. It’s matching speakers with it that is a bonus. The facility to charge phones in precisely the exact same time is something which a lot of people would like in wireless chargers.


But, I was seriously disappointed at the time that it requires charging the phones. Even the Samsung phones don’t charge fast, which is a severe letdown. You will need to be cautious when setting the phones and throughout the charging procedure they’ll look awkward.